Top 10 Website Trends for 2022

Contributed by Bryce Ward

According to a study by the Ecommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers research a product or service online prior to purchasing. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or an ecommerce business, a great website is crucial for winning over consumers and standing out from competitors. 

Website best-practices, however, are constantly evolving. Search engine algorithms and consumer behavior change every year, and your website has to adapt too if you want it to be successful. 

Below, we are going to cover the top ten website trends for 2022 that every business should be aware of. 

Mobile Friendly Website

1) Mobile Optimization

The days of desktop browsing are quickly fading. According to Statista, mobile search accounted for around 60% of all online searches in 2021 – and this number is only expected to grow in coming years. 

Given this trend – and the fact that 61% of people will leave your website immediately if it is not mobile-optimized – it is crucial that your website is optimized for mobile browsing going forward. 

Furthermore, search engines are now penalizing websites that are not mobile-optimized by pushing them to the bottom of search results. 

A mobile-friendly website is no longer a nicety for businesses – it’s a necessity.

Fast Load Speed

2) Fast Load Times

A slow-loading website is as damaging to your business as a non-mobile-optimized one. 

According to a famous Microsoft study, the average attention span of a person browsing a website is just eight seconds (that’s one second less than the attention span of a goldfish).

In other words, you have a small window of time to make an impression on people visiting your website before they leave – and a slow-loading website uses up a large percentage of that precious time. 

In fact, studies show that a mere one-second delay in load time equates to: an 11% decrease in page views, a 16% decrease in user satisfaction, and a 16% decrease in conversion rate – and that’s just one second. 

But it’s not just consumers who dislike slow-loading websites, search engines don’t either. Just as search engines are pushing non-mobile-friendly websites to the bottom of search results, they’re doing the same thing to slow-loading websites. 

If you want to catch consumers’ attention, make sure every page loads lighting-fast.

Micro Animation

3) Micro-animations

Speaking of fast load times… One of the biggest things holding your website speed down is probably video. 

Don’t get us wrong, videos are great tools for your website. Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than words and retain 85% more information when watching a video than we do when reading text. As the old adage goes, “a

is worth a thousand words.”

However, videos can also significantly slow down your website speed if they are embedded within your website – and we’ve already discussed why that’s not good for search ranking.

But there is an alternative. Micro-animations (such as GIFs) give you many of the same benefits of video without the added “digital weight.” If you currently have an embedded, auto-play video on your website, consider converting it to a micro-animation to speed up your website and gain the attention of search engines.  


4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your business to show up at the top of search results, you have one of two choices: pay for expensive search ads or build your website’s authority through SEO best-practices. 

Paid search ads are useful to an extent, but keep in mind that less than 10% of people click on paid search ads. 

The vast majority of online users prefer clicking on organic (unpaid) search results. Because anyone can pay to show up first, but only reputable and successful businesses are going to show up at the top organically. 

There are a number of ways to build your website’s SEO – from metatags to alt text and much more – but the strategy that can truly set you apart in 2022 and beyond is long-form blog content

With the right keyword strategy, long-form blogs (which are around 1,000 to 1,500 words in length) allow you to attract new audiences to your website, which in turn shows search engines that your website is deserving of attention (i.e., high SEO authority). 

Voice Search

5) Voice-Search Optimization

Remember how we said mobile search is taking over desktop search? The same thing is happening with voice search. 44% of adults use voice-search technology every single day, and that number is only expected to grow as technology-savvy youths grow older. 

For businesses, this trend is especially important. Questions like “restaurants near me” and “best auto shop in [city name]” are increasingly being spoken into search engines instead of typed.

The good news is you can adjust your website to be voice-search optimized through plug-ins and intentionally written copy. Blogs and FAQ sections are great, natural ways to populate your website with the type of keywords that voice-search engines are craving.

Combine this with a comprehensive SEO strategy and you can increase the likelihood that voice-search engines pick your website’s content as the answer to consumers’ questions.


6) Customization

Most businesses understand that having a website is crucial in this day and age, but few understand how important it is to have a great website. 

It’s common practice for businesses – especially small businesses – to use cookie-cutter, templated websites. They’re cheap, quick to make, and give you an instant online presence. 

However, they also look like every other templated website on the internet (the websites you’re trying to set yourself apart from).

A fully customizable website allows you to build a truly unique online presence that stands out from other businesses and wins over consumers. And perhaps more importantly, it gives you the flexibility to leverage many of the website trends discussed in this article (including accessibility). 


7) Accessibility 

One of the biggest drawbacks of templated websites is the lack of accessibility features. If navigating your website is difficult for users, you are missing out on countless lost leads. 

There are a number of ways to make your website more accessible in 2022, but the following two strategies are leading the way: dark mode and page translation

Screen fatigue is a very real phenomenon, and more and more people are turning to dark mode to ease their eyes. But if your website isn’t optimized for dark-mode viewing, its design will show up poorly and visitors may turn to a competitor’s website for relief. 

Page translation is another accessibility feature that can help you attract more consumers, especially if you live in a diverse area with multiple spoken languages. 

With a customized website, you can give users the option to view your website in their preferred language. By incorporating this feature into your website, you can tap into a whole new audience that other, less accessible businesses can’t reach. 

Social Proof

8) Social Proof

This isn’t a new website trend, by any means, but its importance is only growing as the years go by.

According to Statista, 82% of North Americans use social media, a number that has steadily grown since 2008. 

When people visit your website for the first time, more often than not they will want to see pictures, reviews, and ratings of your business. If your website doesn’t have these things featured, or at the very least accessible, you’re losing trust that your competitors are gaining.

If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you should consider building one. If not, make sure to still feature testimonials and other trust-affirming resources on your website. 

If you do have a social media presence, that’s great! – make sure to showcase it and leverage your online presence

Artificial Intelligence

9) Artificial Intelligence 

A.I. is growing increasingly more intelligent each year. While AI website features like chatbots may not have been ready five years ago, they are now. 

As any business owner knows, customer service is crucial to success. Ideally, you would have an individual or team dedicated to website-based customer service. But this is not always feasible, especially for small businesses. 

For an alternative, consider incorporating a chatbot into your website to answer common consumer questions such as “how do I schedule an appointment?” or “which size is right for me?”. 

However, some people are turned off by AI assistants, so don’t rely too heavily on them. Instead, make it a valuable addition to your website – something that’s available to use but not necessary to use. 


10) Ownership 

The previous nine website trends will help take your business’s website to the next level in 2022 – but unfortunately, they mean nothing if you don’t own your website…

Many businesses are surprised to find out that they don’t actually own their website – the company that made it does. This is often the case with the templated websites mentioned above. 

When you’re searching for a company to create your website, you want to be 100% certain that they give you full ownership from beginning to end – you want to be 100% certain that they are a company like TAE Nashville 

Want to find out how your website is performing?

The Artist Evolution has a free tool that analyzes your website’s speed and functionality and sends the results to your email in a matter of minutes. 

If you’re not sure how to interpret the results, you can schedule a free twenty minute meeting with our team and we’ll help walk you through it.

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Top 10 Brands on Instagram

Top 10 Best Brands on Instagram

Contributed by Katie Kovar

You’ve probably heard of the popular social media platform Instagram, and most likely have created an account. In 2021, Instagram ranked as one of the top 4 social networks worldwide and boasted more than 1 billion active monthly users who spent over half an hour on the app each time they logged in. 

While Instagram was originally known for being a free platform where you could share photos and videos with friends, over the years it has evolved into a powerful marketing machine that can connect you with brands and influencers. 

In 2022 Instagram’s goal is to grow its e-commerce; they want all items in posts to be shoppable. We can expect to see more shopping options being tested in Instagram this year including advanced product search by image, product discovery panels in the main feed, and a big push toward live shopping. All of these changes will provide more monetization pathways for Instagram creators and brands. 

In order to capitalize on this opportunity and grow your brand, you will need to learn from the best. Some brands have done such a great job building their Instagram presence that they have gained hundreds of millions of followers.

Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 best brands on Instagram based on follower count and content strategy, and we’ve included key takeaways for each. 

The 10 Best Brands on Instagram in 2022

1) Instagram: 457+ million followers 


Instagram is not afraid to lead by example and comes in at the number one spot as the brand with the most followers. Instagram reposts a wide variety of creators’ content, often highlighting those who are pushing social boundaries and norms. This account seeks to highlight powerful users who inspire others to interact with the platform and create their own content.  

The message that Instagram conveys through their account is meant to show their followers that they can make this platform their own. For example, their bio simply consists of the hashtag #YoursToMake. This strategy is successful because their posts do not come off as an advertisement for the platform but instead feel more like a journalistic piece of art, which clearly resonates with their 449+ million followers. 

Key Takeaway: Your content on Instagram should not feel forced. A good blend of simplicity and creativity is key. 

2) National Geographic: 200+ million followers

National Geographic is one of the most widely read magazines of all time, due in large part to its award-winning photojournalism. This brand has stayed true to its roots; its wildly successful Instagram account showcases its photographer’s work which revolves around nature and celebrates the beauty of our earth. 

However, their stunning photographs are not the only reason their account has garnered so much success. Their advertisements seem so natural (pun intended) that they don’t come off as advertisements at all and fit seamlessly into users’ feeds. 

National Geographic also uses Instagram to advocate for social causes like climate change and poaching laws which resonate with their followers and contribute to the feeling that their posts are not advertisements but credible pieces of journalism.

National Geographic

Key Takeaway: Advertisements on Instagram should flow with your brand’s content and refrain from interfering with the user experience. 

3) Nike: 191+ million followers

Just like Nike’s bio (“Spotlighting athlete* and ? stories”) says, their account revolves around championing athletes and their stories. Nike’s feed consists of visually stunning photos and videos of athletes which are paired with inspirational stories that captivate their followers. This brand stays true to its famous slogan “Just Do It” and every single one of their posts convey that message. 


Nike understands the highly lucrative value of building relationships and communities on social media. This brand has built a global community of athletes on Instagram who have become ambassadors for their products. They also take the time to activate their community by frequently posting things that spark conversation and drive people to comment or share the post. 

Key Takeaway: Nike’s strategy clarifies the importance of building a community and motivating your audience to take action through relatable stories.

4) Real Madrid: 107+ million followers

This account is the official profile of the Spanish professional football club Real Madrid C.F. Real Madrid keeps it simple on their profile; their posts mostly revolve around updating their massive fanbase on games, highlights, and players. 

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the most followed football account in large part because they give their fans an inside look at players’ lives by posting behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from moments like private practices and team travel. This strategy is successful because it makes their 107+ million followers feel like they are connecting with the players and the brand on a personal level. 

Key Takeaway: Take your followers behind the scenes and let them connect with your brand on a personal level. 

5) FC Barcelona: 104+ million followers

This account, like Real Madrid, is the official profile for the professional football team FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona has found great success using Instagram Reels and they were the first sports team worldwide to hit 1 billion Reels plays. This brand uses Reels to share short, entertaining videos and has mastered creating content that captivates its audience by taking Barca fans behind the scenes. 

FC Barcelona

For marketers, this strategy works because it has the potential to generate viral videos and attracts a younger audience who is gravitating towards the Reels style of short videos, made popular in recent years by apps like TikTok

It is also important to note that in order to come up with content that is as successful as FC Barcelona’s, you need to understand what your audience is consuming and how they spend their time on your page. 

Key Takeaway: You can use Instagram Reels to generate viral videos and attract a younger audience. 

6) NASA: 72+ million followers

NASA is a widely known and respected organization that features original content that highlights the natural beauty of our solar system. When scrolling through NASA’s feed, their followers will find out-of-this-world pictures and videos that transport them to the depths of space. This brand has mastered the art of posting educational content that also entertains and captivates its followers, whether they are space junkies or not. 


The deputy social media manager at NASA, Jason Townsend, offered some advice to other digital content creators and shared the most important things he has learned while working for NASA: 

  1. Tell your own news. Be in the driver’s seat when it comes to communicating. 
  2. News—good or bad—doesn’t get better over time. It is important to act quickly. 
  3. If you don’t tell your own stories, someone else will. 

Key Takeaway: Act quickly and stay on top of posting so your brand can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to communicating on social media. 

7) Victoria’s Secret: 71+ million followers

Victoria’s Secret is an American fashion and beauty retailer that has mastered high visibility marketing and branding. The brand was originally known for its famous catalog and fashion show which showcases the “Victoria’s Secret Angels,” a group of widely known supermodels. Now, the brand champions influencer marketing and uses original images and re-grams of their Angels to drive followers to their page. 

Victoria's Secret

Key Takeaway: The success of Victoria’s Secret shows marketers that it is important not to underestimate the power of influencers, especially while online shopping is growing at an exponential rate.

8) NBA: 62+ million followers

While many professional sports leagues like the NFL outperform the NBA in viewership, the NBA has still managed to become the most followed sports league in North America on Instagram. Despite lower viewership numbers, the NBA has over twice as many Instagram followers as the NFL. And it’s all due to their amazing content strategy. 

In recent years, more and more people have begun to move away from watching sports on television and toward keeping up with games, highlights, and stats on social media or through streaming services. The NBA understands this shift and utilizes their Instagram account to keep their followers up to date on all things NBA by posting everything from power rankings to throwback photos from iconic games. 


Key Takeaway: It is important to follow trends in traditional and digital media so you can meet your audience on the platform that they prefer to use. 

9) 9GAG: 57+ million followers 

While on the surface level this brand may seem like a simple account that just posts funny memes and videos, they are actually a well-oiled marketing machine. 9GAG (otherwise known as Go Fun The World) is the first online content platform on this list because they have mastered the art of engaging with their audience. 

Aside from posting regular content in their feed, 9GAG has learned how to use Instagram stories and highlights to interact with their audience by posting engaging polls, trivia, surveys, and contests that prompt their followers to visit their website. 9GAG also uses IGTV to hold live Q&As with celebrities where their followers can ask questions in real-time. 


Key Takeaway: This brand shows us that one of the best ways to grow your social media following is by using all of your resources to create engaging content that allows you to interact with your audience. 

10) Marvel: 59+ million followers

Over the years Marvel has dominated pop culture and developed a devoted fandom. Now, marvel successfully uses social media marketing to connect with that fanbase on a global scale. 

Some of Marvel’s engaging content includes teasers that generate curiosity among fans, popular clips from movies featuring A-list celebrities, and information about movies that prompts fans to start conversations in the comments. 


Key Takeaway: Motivate your followers to engage with your account by posting content that encourages people to start conversations in the comments and share your posts. 

Top 10 Brands on Instagram: Summary

After reviewing the best brands on Instagram, there are a handful of key takeaways that every marketer should keep top of mind when using social media:

  1. Make your advertisements fluid with your brand’s content to appeal to your followers and avoid disrupting their feeds. 
  2. Build relationships and communities with your followers on social media by encouraging your followers to interact with your page. 
  3. Understand what your audience is consuming and how they spend time on your page in order to come up with content that works best for your brand. 
  4. Harness the power of influencers who can drive followers to your page. 
  5. Make sure you are using all of your resources on Instagram (Reels, Stories, Polls, etc.) in order to create engaging content that encourages your followers to interact with your page.  

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